Monday, June 29, 2009

Prince Michael Jackson II, Paris K. Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson II, The Best possible thing for these children is...

People are always so fast to judge and place their two cents in. That has been one reason that I have held of with my comments. Yes, I have posted about all the things involving Micheal Jackson's life and the way people jump with the all the hateful comments.

Just like whom they all feel the children should be with. The truth is the average person could not afford to fight a movie star for custody of their children. It would than become in possible to hire an attorney for the case. Not to mention if Micheal Jackson was not letting the children see there mother than it might have been what the mother felt was best. Yes, she probably needed the money that she got to pay for the attorney bills.

I do not mean to slam either party in this case. I just wanted to point a few things out, not to mention the fact that we are only going to hear what is posted. We all should know we do not hear the full details always.

So if an individual was to think about the children and who they should be with it would be best if Micheal Jackson's family could put to rest any differences if there is and get Ms Rowe involved in those children's lives.

Normally I would say that the children should go with there mother, but the damage has already been done and the children have lost something that can not be replaced but maybe could be the start of healing. All the years of not having two parents in their lives. The reason is not the issue.

There mother should become involved in these children's lives and should get custody, but if she loves the children she should let the children stay with their grandma while they get to know each other, maybe get conseling to help.

Now there is a little boy known as Blanket. If the other children do things with the mother, than Blanket should be allowed to go with the children, because these three children need each other, to seperate them might be extremely hard on the children. Blanket's mother should speak up. Even if she let's this child stay with his grandmother, at least the many questions could be answered.

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