Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Children

Today my concerns turn towards the Jackson children. It has to be hard to have a father that the world is completely divided about. Some people really loved him and support him to the point that nothing against him should be said. Others completely have condemned him for the fact that he was accused of a sexual crime.

Today is the beginning for the rest of his life. He no longer can make his own choices so their is not need to become his judge. I personally liked his songs, but that never made me excuse him or condemn him. What I did do was pray for him, those that accused him and everyone involved with this whole issue.

Today is the start of those Children's new lifestyle. If the grandmother of those children can place her feelings for these children's birth mother on hold and encourage a friendship that can be supportive in raising these children would be wonderful. However, As long as the grandma is able to keep the children and reject Debbie Rowe in their lives than she will not have to face his death. Sadly people fight after a dead of a loved one.

It has been said in the past that Billie Jean Jackson is the mother of Blanket. Truthfully I would love to see the paper with the results on it. After all people can get paid off, as well as this lady might have been the mother to his child. After all it is a true fact that Michael did not want to grow older and this lady maybe the same way. The people we match up with others are not the normal choice pick and normally surprise us.

I think and believe deeply in my heart that these children need their mother, but should not be taken from their grandma. The best thing would be, to let those children Paris K. Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson I, Prince Michael Jackson II "Blanket, have contact with their mothers and remain with the Grandma. These children will have many questions. Not to mention that DNA should be done. More for Questions these children may wish to have answered in the future. The Judge should need to know also.

Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson, should be Told if they LOVE Michael Jackson's children than they should become UNITED in raising and encouraging each other as the children grow up. Just because Michael and Debbie ended does not mean that Debbie could not be able to get along with others. I truly hope the Judge Orders the children to start Visitation with their Mothers.

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