Tuesday, June 23, 2009

American Children hunger needs no more, God still does answer prayer...

People from all over the world are looking for some way to improve their lives. The times are hard all around the world. People from all levels of life are finding themselves struggling harder than they have ever struggled before.

The question is this-What is it going to take to get us all to come to a point to truly get back to the basics in life? Those people that have had money and enjoyed being able to have whatever they wanted in life are struggling harder than the average poor individual.

Those individuals that have never had the money to go to a amusement park, will never miss out because they don't have money to do it again this year. However, the family that always has let their children go in the summer time to the amusement park are going to have children very upset with them because they can not go with their friends this summer.

So which family has it harder between those two families. The honest truth is the family that spoiled their children every summer. The parents are going to have their hands full. The children will feel hurt because they have always trusted in the benefits of the world.

As the times get harder and harder, we need to start praying and looking for ways to meet our needs and learn that if you take time to care for your brothers needs than it will help you in the long run. However, let me caution you, Do not do things for others looking for that individual to help you out in return. If you do that than the truth is your going to learn that it will be a disappointment.

If you are in need, pray and trust God to meet your needs. I can honestly say that God has always met out needs. The problem is what we term needs or wants...

There has been times that I prayed because I felt we needed help with food, but nothing came that day. So did we go hungry that day? No because we had food in the cupboards. Maybe not pizza, steak, easy to toss in the oven foods, but we had foods. I continued to pray, feeling like God was not answering my prayers. Why did God not answer my prayers? I was honest, we needed food badly. Every day less and less food was in the cupboards.

The last day at lunch time, we gathered around the table with a jar of green-beans. I split it up between all the children. They did not complain and was so pleased to eat the greenbeans that was placed before them on their plates. At that moment, I began to really worry about what if God was dealing with someone, but that person was not listening to him would he let my children go hungry to teach others. That day, I prayed and I worried, and I worried some more and I prayed some more. As the day progressed, I was so sure that someone was not doing what God had asked them to do. I finally gave up and desided to call one of my friends to tell her we needed some food for the children to eat for dinner.

When I went to call out there my phone rang. I picked it up and before I knew it I was talking and forgot to call my friend. It was dinner time and no food for the table. My daughter came in and said she was hungry. She wanted to know what we would be eating. I told her I was not sure. She said she was going to go over to a friends for a little bit. I was so thankful, because maybe they would feed her and I would have one less child to worry about. Instead of my daughter leaving she came in to tell me that this preacher that was disabled and could hardly walk was on his goft cart and wanted me to come out for a minute.

When I went to the door, I seen Pastor Amos had a small pan on his cart. He told me that he had made dinner for us and thought that maybe his daughter would stop by and he would have her bring it to us, but he managed on his own. I was so thankful and I was so glad he brought it because I wanted to hug him for dinner. I went to share with him about my cupboards being empty and he told me that he knew that, because God showed him. I honestly have known this preacher to pray until his knees bled, so yes I believed him.

When I went into the house, so thankful for the food. I gathered all the children for dinner and a blessing over the food. As they were coming in, I took the lid off. At the moment I seen how much was in the pan, I wanted to cry. It was less than a quart of greenbeans and the adults did not eat lunch, making it possible to feed all five children. Now there was seven of us around the table. I soon decided that I would pass on dinner, with hopes that my husband would also.

As my husband began to pray, not knowing that there was not much food, he asked God to bless the food because he was very hungry and he thanked God. A little late to tell the children that he did not want to eat. My daughter the oldest child reached for the pan. As soon as she seen the food, her smile went to a sad look. Than she told the other children to eat just a little so mom and dad could have some. I said I was not wanting any food. She said that if we did not eat than she would pass too. So I agreed to take some, just a little as I said I wanted to make sure everyone got some food.

The food went around completly. Than one of the boys asked for more. I told him he could as long as he took a little to make sure all the children could have a little more. At the end of the second time, My son asked if they did it again, could they pass the pan again. I told them I did not think it could have enough to go around, but my kids said they would make it work. So I agreed, and they passed the pan around one more time. The children left the table that did not want anymore and the older children asked for more. I let them get more. Soon all the children were full and so my husband was full too.

As the table was being cleared, the girls asked if I wanted some of what was left and I honestly was not hungry so I passed and told them to have it. They told me that they were full and put the rest in the refrigerator.

The next day, the children used the remaining left overs for lunch and it finally was gone. When the mail man came my husband's disability check had finally came for the first time. We praised God and seen our miracle. My children still talk about it today to their children.

God will provide, when it is truly needed.

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