Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gossip about Obama

Today I came across the most wasted time of an individual that seems to think talking about an individual that is human, President Obama. I am so tired of reading Gossip about Obama. When I read something worth reading, I will be the first one to say, “Wow, Obama is or is not doing his job properly.
Tell me one thing, posting things about President Obama smoking is just showing me what is wrong with our teenagers today. Everyone wonders why kids pick on kids to the point of murdering fellow students. I would say it is because of this example of Gossip.
Why hurt Obama’s children or his wife by continue use of slamming this man. Let’s talk about how the world was a mess before President Obama got into office and how long it is going to take before we begin to see change. President Obama did not put us in this mess; our country was a mess before Obama took office.
Obama never said smoking was good for you. If smoking was not addicting than Obama would have stopped smoking years ago. So let us talk about the years that the government turned their backs upon regulating nicotine years ago. I am sure it was not Obama.
So the next time you post something, It would be great if you talked about ideas on how to pull America out of the mess it has been in for the past several years. I would probably than be interested in your articles.