Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you ever thought about blogging..

Have you ever thought about blogging because your tired of the way things are happening around the world. Today is the first day that I decided to take action. I refuse to stay silent any more. Please all over call themselves Christian's, but they only seem to act like it when they are christians when they are in Church and as soon as Church dismisses they are ready to roll.

I just can not stand it anymore. Please are judging Christians by the way our brothers and sisters in the Lord are acting. We need to start standing up and speaking out or we are all going to have to answer to the Lord on why we did not work harder on trying to help others meet the Lord.

People want to speak badly about beliefs that go door to door. The truth is I will not judge and say those people will not make heaven. It is not my place to do this, but I will say that if they are not doing it correctly then we are not doing our part to get out and do the door to door thing and having meetings in the homes to help them understand just what Christ's Love is all about.
I am going to stop right here because I need to work on this site...But maybe while I am working on it you might think about how your acting and talking is it showing Christ's though you. I know that we have many young adults here in our home and they always tell me that they know about Christ and went to Church but they never understood how to put what they learn in church into their every day life. Now that is so sad because we take it for granted in our homes. We are Blessed by the Lord, Now it is time to spread the word around the world though our actions and let it be our love that shows.