Monday, June 22, 2009

Showing Christ through your lifestyle

Several years ago there was a Lady that had got some extra money. God had been helping this lady with all her needs until this money came in. She was so thankful for all that God had done, so she prayed about how she could use this money for the glory of God. It was at that time she knew what God had showed her. She was to use the money to help make sure all those around the community had a chance to learn about the Lord. It was to be done, non-denominational, to make it so all religions would be free to come.

She selected one preacher that she felt God leading her towards. She sent him money will all details and how to use the money. At the end there was one thousand dollars just for the Preacher. She cover the expense for the Live Drama team to come to town for three days, perform, eat, stay in a hotel and even pay completely for their expense and bill. The only thing this Preacher needed to do was to make sure that everyone was paid their money and welcoming the group for three days to introduce the group at the Community Center. However, there was one catch...It was anonymously donated.

Day after day, she waited to hear if there was any talk about this group. Week after week she felt sick in her heart. Months and years have now passed by, the church started having a lot of problems, hardly nobody follows the doctrine any more, and that was abnormal because all the youth loved that church. Some of the most respected people in the Church got sent to prison. His own children suffered, including his daughter whom developed a brain tumor. This is the saddest thing that This lady ever had to live through because she feels if she had not tried to help so many people find the lord with that amount of money involved the preacher would not have been so tempted to keep the money.

The answer to this Lady's pray about this was God saying this. When I ask you to do it you did, what the next person does with it, is out of your hands. Only God will know but as far as the Lady, she never should focus upon how the receiver will act or do with the money.

Many people are willing to help people but when God leads them to hand someone money, they worry if the person will spend it wisely. That is not the individuals whom God has asked to give the money is standing in the way of what God is trying to show this other person. Maybe this person will drink with the money, but you do not know what is on the mind or heart of this other person. Maybe this person is in need of learning that there really Christian people whom care about others. Or may God is talking to them about getting things right with him, while the individual is drinking.

The thing a Christian needs to do is turn over the Good deed to the Lord and let her take it from their. Christian's think they have to control where the money goes and the individual feels like the Christian's do not trust them. It blows the whole Testimony. Think about It.

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