Monday, June 29, 2009

Gossip about Micheal Jackson's Children

I have heard and read so much about the children of Micheal Jackson. I find it hard to read or listen to people that say things as though they know everything. So Let's make some facts straight.

I met a man in 1980. He looked a lot like Micheal, but was not Micheal. However, if I would have known Micheal came from Gary, Indiana I would have asked if they were cousins.When people would ask what my daughter's father looked like I would say, "Like Micheal Jackson used to look like in the early eighties.

The reason that I even brought that all up has to do with the fact of the comments that people make. Look at those children, They are not Black. Sorry people but I have news for you. Black making babies with Blacks can have blond hair blue eyed children.

How would I know this? Well, this guy that fathered my child has a son that was from a very dark Black woman and the child appearred white and did have blond hair and blue eyes.

What is your thought about the picture of this cute little girl, posed so cute on this blog. Do you think that her grandpa was black? The truth is yes, she has black in her. So stop your Gossip and leave things alone.

Isn't there anything better for people to do than to speak about others and slam the dead. If they are so bored, I bet your community could use some help picking up litter along the road side.

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